Placing art in the heart of Hattiesburg for all to enjoy

Placing art in the heart of Hattiesburg for all to enjoy

Placing art in the heart of Hattiesburg for all to enjoyPlacing art in the heart of Hattiesburg for all to enjoy

2018 - 2019 Donors

Patron - $2,500 +

Becky and Doug Montague

City of Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg Convention Commission


Partner - $1,000 +

Glenda and Gary Grubbs

John and Audrey Neal

Keg and Barrel

Addison Tatum, Jr.

Dee and Toddy Tatum

Virginia Tatum

Sustainer - $500 +

Area Development Partnership

Elise and Tim Cole

Marian and Tom Fortner

Ella and Aubrey Lucas

David M. Ott

Curt Redden and Petra Schneider-Redden

Gerry and Thad Waites

Supporter - $250

Patty and David Bomboy

Mary Moore and Ward Conville

Lynn Crosby Gammill

Downtown Hattiesburg Association

Michelle Heidelberg

Rebekah and Jeff Johnson

Marcia and Lance Line

Jennifer and Kennard McKay

Mary Virginia McKenzie

Anita and Charles Price

Dr. and Mrs. J. Larry Smith

Linda Becker Smith Trust

Sandy and Greer Whitacre

Friend - $100

Terri and Ross Bell

Paula and John Brahan

Clyde J. Bryant Insurance Agency

Alice and Wilber Chambers

Marty and Paul Charbonneau

Richard and Mo Conville

Andrew Dews

Beejee and Andy Dickson

Cathy and Mike Dodds

Mary and Steve Dryden

Diane and Tom Eaves

Iris Easterling

Lynn Crosby Gammill

Linda Boutwell-Griffith and John Griffith

London & Stetelman Commercial Realtors

Marcia and Harry Goff

Barbara Hamilton 

Michelle and Web Heidelberg

Danny and Emily Kibodeaux

Linda and Mike Kuykendall

Jay Dean and Maryann Kyle

Betty and Dicky McKenzie

Judge and Mrs. Richard McKenzie

Georgie McMullan

Holt McMullan

Peggy and Frank McWhorter

Brett Montague

Dr. and Mrs. Toxie Michael Morris

Becky and Bill Oliver

Meg and Joe Paul 

Robert and Betty Press

Pam and Doug Rouse

Gale and Joe Saenz

JM and Frances Saenz

Andrea and Brian Saffle

Elizabeth and Scott Schwartz

Susan Slaughter

Sally and Garland Sullivan

Sharon and Carey Varnado

Fan - $50

Marilyn K. Blake

Mary Glenn and Todd Bradley

Chris and Bob Heath

Sinclair Lundy

Steven and Anita Murphey

Maureen Ryan

Mary S. Turner

Sarah and Ted Webb